Recap: Forward Tilt Ep 29

This is part of a series of posts called Recap. In it I will share my notes on the content I consumed followed by my response. The content could vary from a podcast, to an article, to a Youtube video, to a book I read. When applicable, I will link to the content.

I’ve also responded to Episodes 9 and 36.

In Praxis’ Forward Tilt Podcast Episode 29, Two Parts Substance, One Part Style, Isaac Morehouse discusses how to maintain success.


This is a recipe to turn success into sustained success. You need the right ratio between substance and style to build brand, reputation,  and credibility over the long term. Isaac’s not saying not to market, have style, and flash — he firmly believes you should shout from the rooftops your abilities and skills and products, a lot, and signal who you are. However, you should have twice as much substance to back up the style. Have something you’ve done that you didn’t talk about. Twice as much value.

If you want to engage in PDPs and work on something everyday to chip away at obstacles and you want to build a signal, a digital footprint, do it constantly. For every one thing you share on Facebook have one thing you’re working on that you don’t share. You want your product to be so good it sells itself.


I’ve sort of been doing this, but not always well. Years ago I was active on DeviantART, sharing fanfiction and poems I’d written. I’d also talk about projects I was working on and say “I’m going to ___.” I didn’t always do whatever that thing was, I just talked about doing it. I’ve gotten better now at not telling the whole world I’m working on something unless I’m sure I’m going to do it. I’ll still discuss the maybes with people close to me, but if I don’t have something to show for a project except an idea, that’s not enough. A “want to” doesn’t necessarily equate to a “will” or “have.” I’ve been public with the main projects I’m working on, but don’t share a lot about when or what I’m doing on them. When I have some progress to share, it has taken time and work to get there, work I was doing in the background.