The Difficulty of Video Making

Today I recorded and uploaded a draft of an “About Me” introduction video. I spent 40 minutes recording for a minute and a half video to get a decent cut.

I think I need to reshoot. My background is too busy and my volume is too quiet.

I’ll probably spend another 40 minutes trying to get it right, and then another long period of time recording another short video.

The next time you watch that amazing, three minute video on Youtube and think you’d like to be a Youtuber, think about the time. If you have experience on a camera it may take less time, but if you’re not comfortable or experienced, expect to have at least three different full-length versions of your message. With that you’ll probably just be close to what you wanted.

I had a lot of false starts, moments where I was not saying what I wanted to say or got off track, and forgetting what I was saying in the middle of my sentence. I had notes too! Very brief, but I had a reference for the different main points I needed to hit.

It’s difficult, but with practice I could grow to enjoy it, be comfortable, and do it more often than once in a blue moon because I “have to.”