Two Months of Blogging

Writing every day has become a habit. No matter the topic, I write something every day. It’s normally only a blog post, but sometimes I get in other writing as well.

I have this blog and Over the Invisible Wall, with Courtney and Justine.

Today’s post could have been something else, but I wasn’t sure what to write and today marks two months of blogging every day.

It’s been hard, but it’s gotten easier.

Most days when I sit down to write I don’t stare at the blank editor very long before starting. Some days I know what I’m going to write before I start, other days I wing it.

Lately I haven’t been reading a lot of articles or watching a lot of videos between writing, working on Praxis, and working at Panera. It’s a lot.

I have been listening to podcasts while driving or while eating during my break at work. I multi-task, though, consuming content while occupied, so I can’t very well take notes.

I am absorbing what I listen to, though. I’ve been listening to Legends and Losers, The Office Hours Podcast, The Tom Woods Show, The World Wanderers, Educationeering, and Deschool Yourself.

I have some reading to do tonight and need to take notes on a video for the Over the Invisible Wall post for next Friday.

I’ll see you all back here sometime tomorrow.

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