Losing my Writing

We’ve all lost things that we couldn’t find. It’s frustrating, searching and coming up empty.

I had that happen the other day.

I needed to find a specific piece of paper. A long while ago, I broke down some various traits of quarzyls to make it easier to keep them separate and know which could or should be mixed.

I searched through all my notebooks and binder.


Well not nothing, but not what I was looking for. I found that a lot of my notebooks are empty or far more empty than I thought.

I thought I would find it. I really thought it was in a notebook or binder.

So now what?

If I don’t find it in my desk, I have to remake the information. Recreate it. Do the creative labor again. It will be more work this second time around, becuase I want it to be similar to how it was before.

I have some idea what it is like, but I can’t remember the specifics.

I will also put the information on my computer so I can’t lose it. Google drive is my new best friend, but I don’t plan to stop being friends with my notebooks and pens.

When I have time, it would help if I created an organization system for the writing I do have on paper. Then when I’m not sure quite where I have a specific piece of writing I will be able to find it.

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