DrabbleWrimo – Gem

She stared in awe at the crystalline rock on the pedestal. She slowly approached, entranced by this sparkling red gem. She glanced furtively over her shoulder and around the crevices of the cavern. After careful inspection of the pedestal, she was confident it was safe. She snatched the gem.

“NINA,” a booming voice engulfed her. 

She froze. “H-hello?” 

“YOU ARE NOW MINE,” the voice echoed on the cavern walls. “YOU SHALL DO AS I DEMAND.”

She dropped the gem, and as it shattered on the ground, a black smoke surrounded her.


The smoke filled her mouth and nose, going into her lungs. All of it went into her, and then she felt the voice in her head. She felt the vileness of what now possessed her. She felt herself shrinking away inside of herself.

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