I am currently available for project-based commissions.

I am currently available for poetry, short stories, articles, blog posts, other nonfiction, or crochet commissions. I have years of experience creating high-quality writing and crocheted items.

To place a commission email me at with the type of request and all information requested in it’s category.

I am willing to accept non-monetary payment. We can discuss this to reach a fair exchange and bring each other value without money if that’s what you’d prefer. If that is your intention, use the pricing information as a clue to equivalent value for your value exchange proposal.

Types of work:

Constructive Criticism/Editing/Proofreading

I will provide feedback on your writing to help you improve your writing. I don’t just want to fix grammar mistakes, I want to give you valuable feedback to become a better writer.

The price will vary based on the length, how in-depth the feedback will be, and the time frame.

If this interests you, check out my Fiverr gig or fill out this Google form.




-one or more poems
-target length or number of stanzas
-structured or freeform
-some creative liberty on my part to create the best piece possible
-will rework if you are not satisfied

Fixed price: $5/poem
Other information: This can be for reproduction. If that is your intention, specify in your commission request. Price may be $1-3 more.

Short Stories



-7500 words or shorter, can be flexible or a fixed range (ex. 700-1000 word target)
-provide your idea, the premise, a character(s), and/or whatever other specific elements you want
-after the first draft you can choose to participate in the editing process to refine the story to your satisfaction
-NOT ghostwriting, can be co-written if you are involved in the editing process

Flexible price: Price will vary. Contact me with your specifications and we can discuss a fair price based on the amount of work your requested commission will entail.

Articles, Blog Posts, or Other Nonfiction

Examples: articles, blog posts, other


-variable length
-provide topic, any important resources you have gathered so far, and the specifications of the post
-NOT ghostwriting, can be co-written if you are involved in the editing process

Flexible price: Price will vary based on your specifications, amount of additional research required, etc. We will discuss the price during the consideration of your request.

Crochet Items




-scarves, placemats, dish scrubbies, or hats
-pattern or stich if you know it, otherwise picture of desired item so I can find or make a pattern
-type of yarn if you know it, can discuss yarn choices

Flexible price: Price will vary based on the amount and type of yarn and the time it takes to make the item. You will also have to pay shipping.

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