Quarzyls (Species Description)

Some details relating to names are pending an edit so they conform to the language used by the people rather than English. (Derogatively called Scars) Characteristics: human-like body with longer, more flexible limbs, taller and generally lighter than humans, not very muscular, long fingers and toes, soil colored skin, male or female, thick and heavy … Continue reading “Quarzyls (Species Description)”

Deleted Drafts “The Etaloniy Story”

Five years ago I began writing a story about a girl named Etaloniy Whitlock. The result was quite the disaster of a story. Because it is rather long, I have split what I have of her story into three parts. 1: CHANGES I don’t know how to tell you this. I don’t think I can … Continue reading “Deleted Drafts “The Etaloniy Story””

Past Poems (July)

All the poems I have here were written in July in previous years. Each is the first poem I wrote that July. I had wanted to share poems written on July 3 specifically but there were none. [The last poem contains mentions of suicide.] The Time Was Ripe 12 July 2015 The lack of inspiration … Continue reading “Past Poems (July)”


A selection of Alyssa Wright’s past work.