Value Prop for Ballotpedia

Hey Ballotpedia!

Here’s some relevant examples of my work:
“‘The Second Act Industry,’ a Response” : An article looking into and challenging the assumptions made by a New York Times post by Alissa Quart.
“The Handsome Her, Flirting with Inequality” : An article delving into the hypocrisy of a vegan cafe in Melbourn that made headlines in 2017 for their optional “man tax.”
“Easy Ways to Implement SEO Right Now” : A beginner SEO guide fully researched and written in five days from no prior knowledge or experience.
Graphic Design Examples : Images I designed in Easil. One folder is a set of social media images created for Cleancio, a vacation rental cleaning company, and the other is images I created for my blog posts.
“Module 2 Project Wrap Up” : I document all the work I did in November to self-publish and market my poetry collection Inside a Writer’s Head. I include graphs of the activity on my Facebook and Twitter posts as well as links to the blog and video series I created on self-publishing.
“How Praxis Teaches Self-Directed Learning” : An article about learning how to learn through the Praxis bootcamp/apprenticeship program.
“Why I Committed to Daily Blogging” : Both an explanation of why I blogged every day as well as what I gained by doing so.
“Panera Job Review” : What I learned from working at Panera Bread.