Value Prop for Cleancio

Hey Cleancio!

You have a great service, providing hospitality standard cleaning to regular Airbnb or vacation rental properties. I wanted to help you increase your brand awareness, so I created 12 images and 2 gifs you can share on social media. I also wrote Twitter-compatible descriptions that leave room for links, hashtags, or for you to say more. I also noticed that your Twitter header is not sized properly, and the woman in the photo has her head cut off. So I created a new, properly sized Twitter header for you.

Here’s some examples:

You can see the rest in this Google Drive folder. There you’ll also find a document with descriptions for the images, sorted by number, and hashtags that will increase your outreach. If you like any or all of the images, they’re free for you to use whenever or however you like! Also, if you’d like any changes to be made, contact me and tell me about them. I’d love to make the images as tailored to your brand as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my project. You can email me at at any time. I’ll hear from you soon!
-Alex Wright