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Inside a Writer’s Head, a poetry collection about all things writing. I cover topics such as writer’s block, goals, experimentation, and more! There’s an even mixture of serious and humorous in this collection. Buy it now! (More places to buy the collection.)
I will have a few exclusive signed copies available. If you are interested in that, contact me at as soon as possible to secure your copy of the collection.


The pieces I have written for Over the Invisible Wall:
The Handsome Her: Flirting with Inequality
Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life: What do People Believe?
Lessons on Dating: Positive Christian Influence
Racial Inequality, William Blake, and a Biblical Perspective
Panem vs the US: Could Fiction Become Reality?
“The Second-Act Industry,” a Response
Depression and Anxiety: My Story
Aurora Leigh and “My Last Duchess”: Women’s Rights

In July and August, two historical pieces I wrote were published in the Milstadt News magazine.

On Medium:
Tailored Education
Why I Committed to Daily Blogging

I reviewed The War of Art on Goodreads.

I also answer questions on Quora.

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