DrabbleWrimo – Gem

She stared in awe at the crystalline rock on the pedestal. She slowly approached, entranced by this sparkling red gem. She glanced furtively over her shoulder and around the crevices of the cavern. After careful inspection of the pedestal, she was confident it was safe. She snatched the gem.

“NINA,” a booming voice engulfed her. 

She froze. “H-hello?” 

“YOU ARE NOW MINE,” the voice echoed on the cavern walls. “YOU SHALL DO AS I DEMAND.”

She dropped the gem, and as it shattered on the ground, a black smoke surrounded her.


The smoke filled her mouth and nose, going into her lungs. All of it went into her, and then she felt the voice in her head. She felt the vileness of what now possessed her. She felt herself shrinking away inside of herself.

Today’s Poems

I’m back! It’s been a very long time since I wrote a blog post. For those of you who are returning to my website, you may notice that I have a new url and my name has changed. I’m trans, my name is Alex. I plan on writing about that because I think it’s important for me to do that for myself.

Right now, though, you’re here to read poetry. So on with it!

Adulting Sucks

It’s been almost four weeks
and I still feel like I’m dreaming,
disconnected from what’s happening.
But at the same time
it feels too real,
Reality’s cold, sharp nails
digging into my skin
making me long for
the childlike carefree nature
I doubt I ever had.
Adulting sucks
but I control my own destiny
far moreso than ever before.


I’ve been swimming
these past three weeks,
nearly drowning in disassociation
and gulping and gasping for breath
just before I’d have drowned,
my body floating up
lifeless and blue
forever separated from my soul.
Who am I?
Am I me?
Is this happening to me?
That is my body, isn’t it?
But where am I?
Three weeks I’ve nearly drowned,
lost from my own life,
disconnected from my own experiences.

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