What I Learned About Video Making

For Praxis this week, week 3 of module 1, my cohort was tasked with making two videos.

The first is a pitch/introduction video. We had to introduce ourselves, share why we joined Praxis, and communicate how we created value in a previous job experience. My video is on my homepage, go check it out!

The second is a response to the two career planning articles we read. I shared that in my blog post yesterday.

I have a bit of videod speech experience from my time at Liberty University, but I was not allowed to edit, because it was for a speech class. This was different.

I was welcome to edit my videos. And I did.

I cut out some long pauses from swallowing or temporarily losing my train of thought and added graphics.

The pitch video was stressful, but I had a lot of fun with the response video.

It was hard and I wasn’t super comfortable, but I did end up enjoying the video-making process. I’ve wanted to expand into making Youtube videos but felt nervous about the possibility of doing so. Now I have some editing experience with OpenShot and made two videos in one week!

If I get some time to, I will be making some (probably short) videos. I’m not sure exactly what about, but they will likely supplement my blog content and I’ll embed them in my blog posts if/when they fit.

As I mentioned in my previous post about video making, shooting and editing videos is very time consuming!