Two Months of Blogging

Writing every day has become a habit. No matter the topic, I write something every day. It’s normally only a blog post, but sometimes I get in other writing as well.

I have this blog and Over the Invisible Wall, with Courtney and Justine.

Today’s post could have been something else, but I wasn’t sure what to write and today marks two months of blogging every day.

It’s been hard, but it’s gotten easier.

Most days when I sit down to write I don’t stare at the blank editor very long before starting. Some days I know what I’m going to write before I start, other days I wing it.

Lately I haven’t been reading a lot of articles or watching a lot of videos between writing, working on Praxis, and working at Panera. It’s a lot.

I have been listening to podcasts while driving or while eating during my break at work. I multi-task, though, consuming content while occupied, so I can’t very well take notes.

I am absorbing what I listen to, though. I’ve been listening to Legends and Losers, The Office Hours Podcast, The Tom Woods Show, The World Wanderers, Educationeering, and Deschool Yourself.

I have some reading to do tonight and need to take notes on a video for the Over the Invisible Wall post for next Friday.

I’ll see you all back here sometime tomorrow.

“That Which is Still Private” (Poem)

This was written 12 August 2018. For some more detail, check out this post.

This or that still bothers me,

A lot of which

I do not talk freely.

There’s a lot

I haven’t shared,

Some of it

I do not yet dare.

Not because I wish to hide

But because so different

Is my perspective on life

Than so many

Who are close to me.

I don’t want to disappoint,

Though I know

It’s a bit inevitable.

Regardless of how it goes,

While my perspective

Isn’t set in stone,

I will not change

Because of adverse reactions.

I’ve given thought

To my positions,

And do not wish to debate

Family or friends,

Generally, on such issues.

I understand what and why

They believe as they do

As well as why I disagree.

I plan to explain,

But they may not understand,

As I’ve already seen happen.