The Adventures of Caramel and Fudge: The Arctic

This is a collaboration between my younger brother Aery and I. Aery is eight. My parts are in blue and Aery’s are in green.

Caramel and Fudge are our dogs. Caramel is a pitbull and Fudge is a Boston and fox terrier mix.

Parts of this story or other adventures with Caramel and Fudge will be published on this blog under Aery’s Corner as more is available.

Chapter One: Hide and Seek / Walruses and Polar Bears

In the arctic, Caramel and Fudge found some walruses and made friends with them. The three walruses were named Bob, Joe, and Elizabeth. The walruses liked the ice block they were on and had staked it as their territory before Caramel and Fudge came to the arctic, but offered to share it if Caramel and Fudge could get to it. Instead, Caramel and Fudge made a fort with the walruses on the bottom of the ocean.

While they were in their fort, the dogs and walruses decided to play hide and seek. Elizabeth was “it” first. Then she found Bob. Bob hated being “it” and cried that it wasn’t fair that Elizabeth looked for him first. He threatened to quit if she didn’t find someone else and act like she found them first instead of him.

She said no. And Elizabeth said, “Fine, next person I find is ‘it.’” She found Bob again, and Bob rage quit.

Frustrated, Elizabeth said it wasn’t fair for him to quit just because he didn’t want to be it. She told him he now had to find everyone else instead of her, because he was it and she wasn’t. And Bob said he was going to go take a nap so Elizabeth was it, and she found Fudgy, but Caramel was in the best spot. Joe, however, got tired of hiding and was scared that Elizabeth would never find him and came out of his hiding spot on his own. This was deemed to be cheating as the whole point was for him to be found, not give himself up. Elizabeth found him out of his spot and asked, “Why aren’t you hiding?” But he was still it and went right past Caramel and missed her. Caramel watched as Joe swam over her hiding spot, smiling to herself, because she thought it was really funny.

Joe said, “Come out wherever you are and I will find you!” and that was it and he published it as his new song.

No one took his song seriously and instead kept hiding because the whole point was for him to find them, not for them to come out and find him. And Joe thought they were using the whole ocean and he left the fort and they noticed and went out of their hiding spots and started looking for him. He found a volcano. Soon, Joe noticed that the water was really warm, but he didn’t understand why. He looked around and noticed that the ocean floor was glowing red. Instead of leaving, he swam towards it, wondering why the ocean floor was lit up like that. And he almost swam into the lava, but then Caramel attacked underneath him and Joe didn’t know who it was, and he swam away like Caramel was a mean monster that attacked him like “go away from my land.” And Joe went home. And then everyone else went back to their hiding spots. When Joe got back he found Bob.

Bob said, “I’m not playing anymore, go away.”

And Joe rage quit cause Bob wasn’t playing. And said, “You have to play.”

Bob said, “No I don’t.”

But no one knew that Joe was quitting because Bob wasn’t playing, so they went on hiding. And then Joe dug a hole inside the fort and went inside it and buried himself except his head. And then Elizabeth noticed him and that he wasn’t playing.

“Why’d you quit?” she asked.

“Bob quit too,” Joe said.

“You can’t quit without telling someone because you’re it.”

“I told Bob,” he said.

“Bob’s not playing,” Elizabeth pointed out. “You have to tell someone who is still playing that you’re quitting.”

“No I don’t.”

And Joe unburied himself and left the fort and made a little shed very far away. And he lived in it.

Caramel and Fudge went onto the ice so they could breathe again cause they had been holding their breath for a very long time. Elizabeth found them and told them that Bob and Joe had quit playing so the game was over. And when Caramel and Fudge went up for air they went back to their own house to get their super unlimited lasting oxygen tanks to go look for Joe. What they didn’t realize was that Joe’s shed was not underwater. But really their super unlimited lasting oxygen tanks were really just gills that they connected to their bodies so they could breath underwater and above water cause they had gills and lungs.

Caramel and Fudge returned to the fort with Elizabeth and Bob.

“We need to find Joe,” Caramel said.

And a polar bear came and said, “No we don’t.” And then the polar bear left because he was scared of walruses.

Caramel and Fudge watched the polar bear leave, very confused about what had just happened.

“How did he get in here?” Fudge asked.

Caramel asked, “Why are you running away? We’re friendly, polar bear.”

The polar bear didn’t answer and instead kept running.

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