Module 2, Week 2, Project Update 2

The other day I shared that I had run into a problem with my project, specifically with the video for last week.

Yesterday I finished my edits and successfully exported and uploaded the video!

I have an older computer, and it was not cooperating with OpenShot long enough to export my video. I had to shorten it quite a bit before it exported the whole video. I cut out a lot of fluff while still getting my point across. Now that I’m aware this can be an issue, I can pay attention when I export this week’s video and not submit it late again.

Because I had this problem, I spent time solving it instead of working on other aspects of the project, such as sharing more on Twitter and devoting more time to writing my blog posts. The last couple days felt a bit thrown together, and I want to spend enough time on each post that it doesn’t feel rushed and like I didn’t give it 100%.

This week I shot the new video on choosing a self-publishing service to go with the written guide I wrote. I also posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter everyday.

I started out making the images I post with Vintage Font, which worked really well, until the app wouldn’t let me save my design. I hit their ten free design limit and they wanted me to get a paid version. It was really expensive for what it is, so I deleted the app and went on the hunt for an alternative. I’m not trying to sell the design I make, I just want to create designs for Instagram that I can share other places using images I own. I wanted something free and simple to put text on my photos.

Unsure what to do, and having been unaware of Vintage Font’s paywall, I reached out to my friend Justine. She’d made some text images for me before, so I asked her about it. She suggested Font Candy. That has worked great the last couple days, and hopefully it continues to do so. If it doesn’t, I’ll include that information and the new choice in an update.

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I started the giveaway, details in this post.

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Unexpected Project Roadblock

Last Wednesday night I uploaded my YouTube video for the week on organizing and formatting a poetry collection. I realized later that only some of the video had gone up.

After some investigating, I determined that OpenShot, the video editor, had failed to export the full video. I tried several times and ways and it wouldn’t export the full 11 minutes and a few odd seconds video.

So this week on top of editing the video on choosing a self-publishing service, I have to go through last week’s video again to see if I can shorten it or if I have to make it into two videos.

I have my work cut out for me, but I’m going to push through and still meet my deadlines!

What I Learned About Video Making

For Praxis this week, week 3 of module 1, my cohort was tasked with making two videos.

The first is a pitch/introduction video. We had to introduce ourselves, share why we joined Praxis, and communicate how we created value in a previous job experience. My video is on my homepage, go check it out!

The second is a response to the two career planning articles we read. I shared that in my blog post yesterday.

I have a bit of videod speech experience from my time at Liberty University, but I was not allowed to edit, because it was for a speech class. This was different.

I was welcome to edit my videos. And I did.

I cut out some long pauses from swallowing or temporarily losing my train of thought and added graphics.

The pitch video was stressful, but I had a lot of fun with the response video.

It was hard and I wasn’t super comfortable, but I did end up enjoying the video-making process. I’ve wanted to expand into making Youtube videos but felt nervous about the possibility of doing so. Now I have some editing experience with OpenShot and made two videos in one week!

If I get some time to, I will be making some (probably short) videos. I’m not sure exactly what about, but they will likely supplement my blog content and I’ll embed them in my blog posts if/when they fit.

As I mentioned in my previous post about video making, shooting and editing videos is very time consuming!