Back from Hiatus

Sorry for the unexpected and unannounced hiatus over the last week. I got my wisdom teeth out last Wednesday and spent my time in bed or laying on the couch until Sunday.

After that, frankly I forgot to take the time to come back and post here in the time I had available.

Since my recovery, I’ve worked on my pre-program Praxis deliverables and found on-demand merch printing options for Over the Invisible Wall. Deadlines for Praxis are looming, so I will be posting but it will likely be short for a few days while I finish up.

Wisdom Teeth

Tomorrow I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out, so I wrote a quick poem about it.

My mouth is too small,

so I must alter my jaw,

remove four teeth,

I’m glad that is all.

It could have been worse

had they poked through the gums,

said, “Hello world!”

as though we were chums.