Unexpected Project Roadblock

Last Wednesday night I uploaded my YouTube video for the week on organizing and formatting a poetry collection. I realized later that only some of the video had gone up.

After some investigating, I determined that OpenShot, the video editor, had failed to export the full video. I tried several times and ways and it wouldn’t export the full 11 minutes and a few odd seconds video.

So this week on top of editing the video on choosing a self-publishing service, I have to go through last week’s video again to see if I can shorten it or if I have to make it into two videos.

I have my work cut out for me, but I’m going to push through and still meet my deadlines!

5 30-Day Project Ideas

Next month in Praxis, we’re focusing on portfolio projects. This week we are thinking about and preparing for that. For that reason, here are five ideas for potential projects.

  1. Market my poetry collection Inside a Writer’s Head by producing blog posts about writing poetry, creating a collection, and self-publishing through BookBaby. Bring people who are interested in writing to me and my collection by teaching them about making their own. I would also share posts on Facebook and Twitter, and I might “boost” some posts. This would include planning and scheduling content, interacting with people on social media, and clearly articulating what I learned while making the collection.
  2. Make Facebook and/or Twitter ads for my poetry collection, targeting people who are interested in writing, poetry, and self-publishing. Make posts compelling to peak interest in the collection so interest turns into sales.
  3. Make a blog post series on making and editing a poetry collection followed by a guide to self-publishing with BookBaby. Supplemental videos that go along with and expand upon the blog posts. Post ideas: choosing an organization method, formatting the collection, choosing a self-publishing method/tool/service, a guide to self-publishing ebooks with BookBaby, a guide to self-publishing physical books with BookBaby.
  4. Starting a consistent YouTube channel. Discussions of projects, short stories I’ve written, video supplementation to Recap posts, conversations with Justine about topics we cover on Over the Invisible Wall, etc.
  5. Complete a second poetry collection, taking it from nothing to published in 30 days. I have a poetry collection that only has a title and a cover image that could work for this. It might not be the best time for this project, though, since I just did this for Inside a Writer’s Head.

What I Learned About Video Making

For Praxis this week, week 3 of module 1, my cohort was tasked with making two videos.

The first is a pitch/introduction video. We had to introduce ourselves, share why we joined Praxis, and communicate how we created value in a previous job experience. My video is on my homepage, go check it out!

The second is a response to the two career planning articles we read. I shared that in my blog post yesterday.

I have a bit of videod speech experience from my time at Liberty University, but I was not allowed to edit, because it was for a speech class. This was different.

I was welcome to edit my videos. And I did.

I cut out some long pauses from swallowing or temporarily losing my train of thought and added graphics.

The pitch video was stressful, but I had a lot of fun with the response video.

It was hard and I wasn’t super comfortable, but I did end up enjoying the video-making process. I’ve wanted to expand into making Youtube videos but felt nervous about the possibility of doing so. Now I have some editing experience with OpenShot and made two videos in one week!

If I get some time to, I will be making some (probably short) videos. I’m not sure exactly what about, but they will likely supplement my blog content and I’ll embed them in my blog posts if/when they fit.

As I mentioned in my previous post about video making, shooting and editing videos is very time consuming!

Some Thoughts on Career Planning

Wait But Why, “How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)”: https://waitbutwhy.com/2018/04/pickin… Marc Andreesen’s Guide to Career Planning: https://pmarchive.com/guide_to_career… I also wrote a response to the Wait But Why article earlier this week.